Weston Favell Garden Society Programme 2024


St Peter’s Church Hall  7.30pm



Programme 2024



January 16th  - Trevor Wray

Around the Shows 


 February 20th - Chris and Colin Rowe               

 The Magic of the Gardens of Monet and Majorelle


March 19th - AGM - Timothy Walker            

Bordering on Insanity - Creating an all year round border  


April 16th - Howard Drury               

Northumberland, the Borders and Beyond


April/May Bluebells at Coton Manor (tba)


May 21st - Bob Brown (postponed from 2022) 

Bucket of Stuff


June 18th - Jane Perrone (postponed from 2022)

Foraging Starts At Home


                                                          June 15th Saturday                                                       

Hill Close Victorian Gardens (Warwick) and

Thenford Arboretum (Banbury) (Michael Heseltine’s Garden)


                                          July 16th - Philip Aubury                                             

The Green, Green Grass of Home – Fine lawns to flower meadows


August - No Meeting   Evening Visit - self drive (tba)


                                            September 17th - Andrew Sankey (rebooked from2022)                                                  

Shakespeare’s Cottage Gardens


October 15th - Joe Sharman (new speaker)



October 19th Saturday  RHS free visit to Wisley ( just coach to pay)


                                            November 19th - Jack and Laura Willgoss    (new speaker)                                                      

Gardening for the Future


December 10th - Geoff Hodge *            

Winter Colour in the Garden - beating the winter blues


* Please note 2nd Tuesday



Programme 2023



17th Jan - Richard Harvey (new) 

Great British Castle Gardens


15th February Snowdrop Walk  Evenley Woods


21st Feb  - Tony Russell (new)

2000 Years of British Garden History


21st March - AGM and Paul Green

Choice Plants for Early Season Interest


29th April RHS outing to Wisley


18th April - Val Bourne 

First Rate Perennials


16th May - Don Witton 

Once Seen Never Forgotten


10th June Waterperry Gardens and Oxford Botanical Gardens


20th June - Colin Baines (new)



2nd July  Weston Favell

                     Open Gardens


18th July - Janette Merilion

101 Of My Favourite Plants


 August - No Meeting


19th Sept - Twigs Way 

Explaining Traditional Wild Flower Names


17th Oct - Jonathan Moseley (new)

Grow, Cut, Arrange


21st Nov - Tom Hart-Dyke (new)

Plant Hunter and Gardener with Passion


XX November Winter Lights (tba)


*12th Dec  -  Michael Brown

A Medieval Christmas


* Please note 2nd Tuesday


Weston Favell Garden Society Programme 2022

St Peter’s Church Hall  7.30pm



Programme 2022 



 18th Jan   -  Simon Gulliver 

Plants for the Connoisseur


15th Feb   -  Geoff Hodge         

Scented plants and the Scented Garden


 15th March  -  Darren Rudge (new speaker) 

Colour and Interest in the Springtime Garden


19th March  (Saturday)

Thriplow Daffodil Weekend


19th April  -  Martin Keeley and John Shone 

Designing Willow Work for Show Gardens


17th May -   Wayne Williams             

Gardening in Dry Shade


June 11th (tbc)

Nymans Garden and Wakehurst

( both NT) 


21st June  -  Carole Adams (new speaker) 

My Clematis Nursery


19th July  -  Bob Brown

A Bucket of Stuff


July 26th Tuesday

Evening Garden Visit  (Self Drive)

to 136, High St, Irchester

NN29 7AB  

  August-  No Meeting


20th Sept -  John Gibson (new speaker) 

Making the Most of Your Bulbs


18th Oct  -  Jane Perrone (new speaker) 

Foraging Starts at Home


15th Nov  -  Timothy Walker 

A Life in Plants


*13th Dec  -  Andrew Sankey

Shakespeare’s Cottage Garden Flowers 


* Please note 2nd Tuesday



Weston Favell Garden Society Programme 2021

[phone 01604 409509]

St Peter’s Church Hall  7.30pm




The first six meetings have been cancelled due to the coronavirus but we hope to resume in July and are moving Clive Goulds talk on Fuchsias to an extra meeting in August,

hopefully the rest can be rescheduled for 2022



19 Jan   -  Andrew Sankey     

Shakespeare's Cottage Garden Flowers


16 Feb   -  Simon Gulliver     

Garden Plants for the Connoisseur


16 March   -  Geoff Hodge         

Scented plants and the Scented Garden



20 April  -  Tony Russell (new speaker)           

2000 Years of British Garden History

From the Romans to the present day


18 May -   Don Witton             

Once Seen Never Forgotten


15 June  -  Clive Gould   (new speaker)

Fuchsias - Growing and nurturing


20th July  -  Stuart Phillips       

Don't Throw It Away

(how to use items otherwise destined for the Bin)


7th August 

RHS visit to Hyde Hall

(tickets now available)


17th August  -  Clive Gould   (new speaker)

Fuchsias - Growing and nurturing


21 Sept -  Paul Green           

Plants for Summer and Autumn

           including grasses


19 Oct  -  Adam Pasco   (new speaker)     

Create a Garden for Every Season

19 Oct Change to programme

                                  Michael Brown, a Garden Historian, who last came to us in 2018.
                                              ‘The Glory of the Garden’.  - The Victorian and Edwardian garden and the                                                                      gardeners who did the real work.


16 Nov  -  Richard Adams     

Gardens Home and Away

 (ie England and Abroad)


14 Dec  -  Janette Merilion    (new speaker)

Christmas Crackers

(plants suitable for presents)



Weston Favell Garden Society Programme 2020

[phone 01604 409509]


21st  January—Dr Twigs Way

A History of  the Cottage Garden


18th February—Russell Attwood

Pumpkins & Lasagna Gardening


17th  March—AGM—Darren Rudge

Colour & Interest in the Garden in Springtime

The programme for the rest of 2020 was cancelled 

We hope to reschedule them for 2022

VISIT Saturday 28th March

Thriplow Daffodil Weekend


21st April Martin  Keeely & John Shone Designing Willow Work Show Gardens

+ Table of for sale items


19th May—Wayne Williams

Gardening in Dry Shade

+Table of For Sale Items


VISIT Saturday 6th June

Nyman’s and Wakehurst (both NT)


16th June—Carole Adams

My Clematis Nursery


JULY–Local evening visit tba


21st July—Bob Brown

A  Bucket of Stuff


VISIT Saturday 8th August 

free RHS trip Hyde Hall


August—no meeting


15th September—John Gibson

Making the Best of your Bulbs


20th October—Jane Perrone

Foraging Starts at Home


17th  November—Richard Todd

Trees For All Seasons


8h December—Tim Walker

[NB 2nd week]

A Life in Plants




Weston Favell Garden Society

Programme 2019


 15th  January - Wayne Williams

Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses


19th February - Wendy Potts

Origins of Beekeeping, Folklore & Honey Remedies


19th  March - AGM -  John Gulliver:

Managing Historic Gardens in the 21st Century  (National Trust)


16th  April - Rob Cole

Fostering a Worcester Wildlife Meadow


VISIT Saturday April/May tba

Highgrove House


21st May - Richard Adams

A Camera in the Garden


Rob’s Nursery, Moulton: Hanging Basket Workshop


Evening visit June tba


18th June - Don Witton

Herbs, Perennials & Borders


30th June

Weston Favell Open Gardens


VISIT Saturday 13th July

am: Hebbs Farm Garden;

pm: Felley Priory Garden


16th July - Martin Green

The  Wonders of Westonbirt


August- no meeting


17th September - Member of the Garden Team

Tales of Canons Ashby Gardens


15th October - Mary Matts

Wild Flowers & Waterways


VISIT 19th October

RHS Garden Wisley: A Taste of Autumn


VISIT  November tba

Christmas Lights


19th November - Val Bourne

Roses & Peonies:

A Marriage Made in  Heaven


10th December - Howard Drury

[NB 2nd week]

Winter into Spring




Weston Favell Garden Society Programme 2018 

 St Peter’s Church Hall  7.30pm


16th January - Richard Todd

Winter Gardening: a special beauty


20th February - Michael Brown

Death in the Garden: poisonous plants,

myths, magic, passion, & murder


20th March - AGM - Joe Whitehead

Over the Garden Wall: walled gardens


VISIT Saturday 14th April date tba

RHS Wisley (coach fee only)


17th April - Dr Twigs Way

Walking with the Lily Limp:

plant hunter Ernest ‘Chinese’ Wilson


VISIT Saturday 12th May

Hidcote NT and Kiftsgate Court Gardens


15th May - Stuart Dixon + Bring & Buy Sale

The Garden of Hebb’s Farmhouse                 

(restored from dereliction featured on BBC)


VISIT Saturday 16th June

Trentham Gardens


19th June -  Bob Brown

My 30 Best Plants


17th July - Andrew Sankey

Six of the Best:

My 6 favourite gardens in Britain


August -   No meeting


18th September - Timothy Walker

A Blaze of Glory:

Making your garden colourful in the autumn


VISIT Saturday 29th September tbc

Malvern Autumn Show


16th October  - Kathy Brown

A Way with Plants:

My selection of plant combinations


20 November -  Chris Rowe

From the Ark to the Ashmolean:

The story of the John Tradescants


11th December [NB 2nd week]  Christmas meeting

John Shone & Martin Keeby

Willow Sculpturing




Weston Favell Garden Society Programme 2017 

 St Peter’s Church Hall  7.30pm


17th  January— Stuart Dixon

 In Safe Hands: Gardens of the National Trust 


21st  February– Gillian Underwood

 A Visit to the Seychelles


21st  March- AGM – Rick Lambert

 My Visit to the Picos de Europa, Spain


18th  April– Andrew Sankey

Rethinking Your Garden: design ideas


Saturday 13th May  Visit

 Michael Heseltine’s Gdn + Upton House NT


 Tuesday 23rd May Workshop  at

Rob’s Nursery, Moulton


16th May– Stuart Phillips

Secrets & Mysteries of Pruning:

 shrubs, trees, & tools


Saturday 10th June  Visit

Ashwood Nursery, Kingswinford  Stourbridge

+ Packwood House NT


20th  June—Paul Green

 Plants of the Season:

practical demonstration & plant sale 


 Sunday 25th June

Weston Favell Village Open Gardens


Saturday 15th July  Visit

Easton Walled Gdn [Oakham] guided tour +

 Barnsdale Gdns 


18th July– Geoff H0dge

 Happy, Healthy Roses


August- no meeting 


Sunday 6th August  afternoon visit

Kathy Brown’s Gdn, Steventon nr Bedford


Saturday 2nd September Visit

 RHS Harlow Carr , specialist plant sale 


19th September - Dr Andrew Ward

 Plants that Excite: mainly herbaceous 


17th October– Margaret Easter

Herbs in the Garden


21st  November– Caroline Tait

 Demo of Christmas Flower Arrangements,

with a twist 


12th December [NB 2nd week]

 Howard Drury

Winter into Spring