Here are the proposed outings for 2023

Please book at the meetings or by contacting Janet for tickets.

More details will be added as the trips are fully arranged.




Visit to: Evenley Woods Snowdrop Walk

Date: Wednesday 15th February

Drive yourself


Evenley Woods, Brackley,

    NN13 5SH


This is an easy drive along the A43, past Brackley to Evenley where the woods are signposted down a long non paved drive.

 Park in the field and make your way to the tented café for 11.00am, about 10 mins from car to café.

 We will share coffee/tea and cake together and then you can make your own way round the woodland walks, all clearly marked with coloured posts to follow.

 Book now £12.50 made up of £7.50 for entry and £5 for refreshments.


Visit to: RHS Wisley

Date: Saturday 29th April

Coach booked


This is our annual free visit to Wisley, just the coach to pay for,  but in the Spring for a change.

More details of the day and costs to follow.


Visit to: Waterperry Gardens and Oxford Botanical Garden

Date: Saturday 10th June

Coach booked


Waterperry is only a few miles from Oxford so only a short drive further on to Oxford Botanical Garden.

More details of the day and costs to follow.

2nd July Weston Favell Open Gardens


August Evening visit to local garden 



November Winter Lights